August 24, 2011

Apple Cake Pops

It’s back to school time!  This is our first official school year, I dropped off my oldest this morning for her first day of kindergarten.  She was absolutely beyond excited, we’ve been counting down for over week.  I wanted to make it a special day, so that each year my kids will hopefully look forward to back to school, instead of dreading it. 


My kids LOVE ‘pop cakes’ (that’s what they call em) so they were very excited to see some apple ones.  Not sure if they made the connection with apples=school, but oh well.  I’m actually not even positive I know why apples=school, but it seems like they do.  It was the perfect little treat for my daughter’s first lunch at school.  My daughter also shared with her new teacher while I was dropping her off, and my almost 2 yr old tried to grab the cake pop back from the teacher :)


Apple Cake Pops (inspired from Bakerella)

basic cake pop tutorial

baked cake + 3/4 C whipping cream

lollipop sticks

red candy melts

pretzel sticks (the straight ones): break off an end to stick in for the stem

green candy melts (or green leaf shaped sprinkles of some kind)

    • Instead of rolling the cake mixture into round balls, try to make them shaped more like an apple.  I did thinner on bottom, and fatter on top, with an indent where the pretzel stick would go.  I also poked a hole in the middle of the indent with a lollipop stick. 

      I made my own leaves with green candy melts: 


    • melt green candy melts in a disposable piping bag, cut off the tip, then pipe leaves onto wax paper.  After the candy melts harden, they come right off.  It was fun practicing piping, and since I made so many I got to pick my favorites.

    • After they are chilled, dip them into melted red candy melts, and stick in the pretzel and leaf before the red candy hardens.


      There you go!  I hope everyone has a smooth transition during this busy time of year!!



    Rebecca said...

    um, you are genius! These are so cute

    Stephanie Doyle said...

    Those are the cutest cake pops I have ever seen, Lauren!!

    Tyler and Brandie said...

    Those are the sweetest back to school treats ever!!! Good work!

    Cookbook Queen said...

    These are too adorable!! And I LOVE your photos. You are very talented :)

    Ali said...

    What a nice way to get your kids back to school :) the apple pops look so good, I wish my kids would lok forward to school like yours.

    Jenn said...

    It amazes me how many things you can do with cake pops! I love this idea and they look amazing.

    Anonymous said...

    Looking for alternative "glue" instead of icing. I didn't care for the sweetness or consistency of the cake/frosting combo. Your apple pops are adorable!

    Apples were often given to teachers as gifts by the students, hence the teacher/apple connection.

    Lauren said...

    I use whipping cream with chocolate cake, I think it's delicious. There is lots more details at