April 27, 2011

Fluffy Chicky Snacks

Last week on Facebook, a friend was saying how much she loves chocolate with coconut.  I told her she should try the Lindt White Coconut bar (seriously, it’s delicious!)


and then she recommended that I try cake balls with coconut, to make fluffy chicks!DSC_0009-2Didn’t they turn out so cute?? Thanks for the idea Tiffany!

I think they would be perfect for any spring time activity!!DSC_0013-1I just threw them into cups filled with Cadbury Eggs (also delicious!) and there you go.

All you have to do is make these Chicky Snacks, but before the yellow candy melts harden, sprinkle yellow coconut all over.  to make yellow coconut: Put a handful of coconut into a ziplock bag with a few drops of yellow (liquid) food coloring.  Then mush it all around until the coconut turns (mostly) yellow.

Then apply the eyes and beak.  I didn’t put wings on, but you totally could.

These fluffy cake pops also kind of remind me of my daughter’s hair when she was a baby. I would blow dry it after a bath, so it would stick out everywhereDSC00771-1Isn’t that hilarious??


Carmen said...

I think you should put up the whole pic of Chloe so we can see her cute cute face!
And yes, the chick cake pops are super adorable.
Maybe you can do a green furry monster for Halloween?
Or something resembling fireworks for The Fourth of July?

Anonymous said...

I think its 'hair'larious. So cute!

kels said...

hahaha! that is such a funny comparison, and chloe's hair is to die for!!