June 13, 2011

How to: Soften Butter

I know that sounds SO silly, but it’s a great trick that I’ve learned! Almost all baking recipes call for butter to be room temp, right? But honestly who actually remembers to pull out their butter at least 1/2 hour before using it?  And who else besides me has nuked their butter into a melty mess? Welp, here’s trick for for perfect softened butter: (I learned this from my mom!)

  • Place your butter in the microwave, and microwave for 5 seconds full power. DSC_0147(I left mine in the wrapper because I was using the whole cube. If you’re using half, you can cut the cube through the wrapper and leave it wrapped, or unwrap and place in a microwavable bowl.)
  • Stop the microwave after the 5 seconds, this is important! and flip it over, so what was on the bottom, is now on topDSC_0148
    • Now microwave again for 5 seconds, then pull it out and see how it’s doing.  You may need to throw it back in for a couple of seconds depending on how soft you want it.DSC_014910 seconds usually does it for me! The trick is stopping it half way through to rotate it.  It makes it so there isn’t a melty spot right in the middle, but more of a perfect soft all the way through! Easy huh?? 

    **You an also do this with frozen butter, I did it in 8 second increments for a total of around 30 seconds**

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    Kristin said...

    I do this. It works like a charm. I am usually trying to get my frozen butter to room temp and find that the defrost setting works better when that's the case. Rotation is the key.