November 8, 2011

Harry Potter Treats

This summer, I was out of town basically the entire month before the final Harry Potter movie released to theatres.  So, I didn’t make any totally awesome treats to put on the blog.  However, that didn’t stop me from making some butterbeer cookies the night of release, and going to the see the movie with my sister that weekend. 

Pretty sure I cried like 6 times during the movie.  It brought back everything that I loved about the book to the front of my memory.  I love the Harry Potter books.  I have fond memories reading/listening to them with my whole family growing up.  We always pronounced Hermione Herm-ee-own.  And then some of the siblings started sneaking the books to read ahead, so it would become a battle over who’s turn it was to use the book.  Let me tell you, my mom’s hardback copies of those books are seriously loved. 

I even wrote a paper about the series in college (I think there were only 4 books out at that time).  Good vs. Evil.  I remember there being lots of controversy over the books, so I addressed that.  I was really happy with the end result.  My vote is definitely “good."  I think the series teaches a lot about strength, standing for what you believe, friendship, family, loyalty, etc.  I’d have to get the paper to remember all the details. 

Anyway…….  I can’t lie.  I’m sad there are not more books or movies to look forward to.  I hope that it’s still cool to have Harry Potter birthday parties when my kids grow up a bit and start reading them.  I even kind of wish I was having a HP party this weekend for myself and lots of friends and family!  and of course buying the final movie and having a marathon! 

I’m sure someone is having a party, right??  well if you are, I have gathered some ideas for you!  There are so many, but I’m putting together some of my favorites, that just look awesome.

First off, is a whole Harry Potter spread from just Sweet and Simple.  It even has links to printables and recipes.  Doesn’t it look great?

Harry potter party 1a

Butterbeer Cupcakes from Sweet Tooth.  I think these look uh-Mazing!butter1

Butterbeer from Dine & Dishbutterbeer-2

Pumpkin Pasties from Britta.compasties

Butterbeer Sugar Cookies from Bake at 350.  (these are the ones I made.  SO good!!)HPbutterbeerglazestackclose

Golden Snitch Butterbeer cake pops from amybites.DSC_0725

And I think my most favorite one of all:

Harry Potter Vertical Layer Spice Cake from Bakingdom.Hogwarts-House-Pride-Cake

Please note that none of these pictures are my own, but from the website that I linked up.  Aren’t those just some great ideas?  I think I’m in love with butterbeer so much because butterscotch and cream soda?  I don’t know, just sounds delicious.  Someday I will make it to the Harry Potter amusement park and try the ‘real’ stuff!

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stevenjared0853 said...

Hey, these Harry Potter Treats are looking so tasty and I must admit that you have made the party planning task so easy for me. I am going to host an adorable bash for my twins at the beautiful garden party venue NYC. Can you please help me by sharing some ideas for the décor as well?