September 6, 2011

Chocolate Ganache x3

If you have not heard of ganache yet, I think you will be in for a treat today.  Chocolate+cream=yum.  and that’s all it is, just 2 ingredients.  Can’t get much easier, right?

I’m going to show you not only how to make it, but also 3 different ways to use it!  I love this recipe because it’s versatile, and easy to alter the level of dark flavor, while still staying consistently delicious. 

    Chocolate Ganache

    this is a ratio recipe, 2:1 but I’ll also include an example with exact amounts.

    2 parts chocolate: (chocolate chips, a bar, or a combination)

    *use the chocolate you like best (milk, semi or bittersweet), but remember that you’re adding cream, which essentially makes it more ‘milky’  Play around, mix some, see which combination you like best*

    1 part heavy whipping cream


    For example:

    1 C or 8 oz chocolate (I used two 3.5 oz bars and a handful of chips)

    1/2 C heavy whipping cream

    • If you have a chocolate bar, coarsely chop it. Chocolate chips are fine as is:

      • DSC_0126

        • Set your cream in a small pot on the stove over medium heat.

        • Place your chocolate in a bowl large enough to hold both chocolate and cream.

        • Watch your cream.  When it starts to get foamy around the edges and bubbling like it’s almost about to boil, take it off the heat and pour it over your chocolate:

          • DSC_0131

            • Stir the mixture to coat all the chocolate and then let it sit for a few minutes.

            • Stir your mixture to help it combine, and keep stirring until all the chocolate is melted:

              • ganache

                • If you have a few stubborn pieces of chocolate that are refusing to melt, you can toss it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds then stir some more.

                Now that it’s made, here are the three ways you can use it:

                #1 use it right away.  It’s nice and runny, and is perfect if you want the drizzle look:



                #2 let it sit until it starts to set up.  If you’re in a hurry, you can throw it in the fridge, but I like to cover it with plastic wrap then forget about it for an hour or so.  Once it’s set up, it will look like this:


                um, that looks delicious.  and it is.  This is great for piping pretty chocolate decorations, or even frosting a whole cake.

                #3 make some whipped ganache. After it has set up (in #2) you can beat it until it’s light and fluffy:


                the color changes the more you whip it.  Whipped ganache is currently one of my favorite cake fillings.


                Have fun! Get creative! You honestly probably can’t go wrong with chocolate and cream!


                Carmen said...

                I love the "you probably can't go wrong."
                It looks delicious though. I need time and money to make awesome treats!

                Rebecca said...

                um, I've never had whipped ganache and I really want to try it!