September 5, 2011

Sweetened Whipped Cream

I have a confession.  Heavy whipping cream is a staple in my house.  Yup…..  it no longer is a, “There is a special occasion treat that requires whipping cream, I’ll add it to my list,” but a “Oh no, we’re almost out of cream and milk, we need to go to the store. Now.”   It stays fresh for a long time, and I use it often enough that it’s worth keeping on hand. 

I really love being able to make my own whipped cream.  It’s super easy! and so delicious.  It will transform your waffles.  or pie.  or hot chocolate. or cupcakes.  or whatever you’re planning to put it on!

    Sweetened Whipped Cream

    1 Cup heavy whipping cream

    1/4-1/3 Cup powdered sugar*

    1/2 tsp vanilla

    *just depending on how sweet you want it.   

  • Put cream in a bowl, and begin to whip on medium high with either a standing or hand mixer.

  • When it gets to super soft peaks:


  • scrape down the sides, and add the sugar and vanilla. 

  • Whip on medium-high until your desired consistency!


(note: this is really stiff.  probably even whipped it a bit too long.  But, it still tasted fabulous.  I have yet to mess this recipe up!)

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