October 25, 2011

Halloween Cut-Out Cupcakes

I’m not a huge pumpkin carver.  I really don’t see the point honestly.  My kids pick out the design, and they’re really excited about that.  But….. they don’t like to scoop out the guts, and they’re too small to really carve, so it just comes back to me and my husband.  I refuse to do the whole ordeal if my husband is out of town. 

I think decorating cupcakes is way more fun.  Thankfully, I think my kids do too!  We had so much fun last night, and I wanted to show you an easy, cute way to decorate some.


I started with a box mix, because that’s how I roll….  Betty Crocker Devil’s Food to be exact, but you could make your favorite chocolate cake recipe if you want!  I also added some black coloring BEFORE baking, because I like black as a Halloween color better than chocolate brown.

For frosting, I made a double batch of buttercream, and separated it into 3 bowls.  Then I used Americolor regal purple, orange, and electric green.  I think they were the perfect colors!  (I got these colors at Hobby Lobby, but you can get them on Amazon as well)

So, now that you have cooled cupcakes and colored frosting, let’s get to it!

1: Cut off the top of the cupcake.  I did it right at the top of the cupcake liner.IMG_6749

2: Take the top you just cut off, and use a cookie cutter* to punch out a shape. IMG_6750

3: Frost the top of the flat cupcake.IMG_6752

4: Place the top of the cupcake back onIMG_6753

5: If you want, fill in the cut out.  (it adds more frosting which is a huge + in my book!IMG_6754



I love that they are flat across the top, and that it has a ring of color where you don’t expect it. 


I totally intended on taking some rocking pictures of them today.  But……  the cupcakes got knocked off the counter, and were all pretty much destroyed.  Such is life huh? 

Thankfully, my awesome mom, who took all the tutorial pictures, also took some of the finished cupcakes:


I think that zombie one far right middle is my favorite.  Love the purple ring of color, but with a green zombie, and purple eyes.  And, thanks to my little brother who was totally creative and started using the cut outs as part of the decorations too!  My kids followed his example, as you can see from the bottom row.

I think we may have started a new Halloween tradition!


Idea inspired from Martha.

*I used the same cutters as these cake pops.  I got them at Hobby Lobby.  The brand is Sunny Side Up Bakery, but I was unable to find them online.


Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

Love these! I agree with you about pumpkin carving. It's messy, smelly, and a lot of work. Part of me wants to just get a funkin and call it quits. :)

Mallory said...

Soooo, I have to admit, I'm juuuust now hopping over from Something Swanky's Pinterest blog hop!

I'm so glad I did cause I LOVE this idea. SO creative! I will definitely try it sometime.

I'm your newest follower on here and would love if you followed me back! (If you haven't already, at purplestpecalin.blogspot.com!) I'm also heading over to follow you on pinterest too, which I know you follow me on.

Happy Halloweekend and excited to find a new cute blog!

Joan@chocolateandmore said...

Awesome idea, we'll be doing this for Christmas I'm sure!